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Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency. Read our article to know more.
Basically, you can exchange any currency to ETH. Read more here.
All sales are using the smart contract technology on Ethereum blockchain network, and a link to the smart contract for each sale is available on a corresponding page.
No! All sales are registered in separate smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain network and cannot be changed after the start of the sale.
The winner is determined randomly according to the smart contract algorithm that is registered in the Ethereum network block. Replacing, modifying or deleting the code after the creation of the contract is impossible. The code:
function getRand(uint256 _max) private returns(uint256) {
  return (uint256(keccak256(block.difficulty, block.coinbase, now, block.blockhash(block.number - 1))) % _max);
This function calculates a random value between 0 and the number specified in the _max parameter (number of tickets sold). The following parameters are used for generating a number, all these parameters are determined at the moment of receiving the transaction block that led to completion of the sale (last ticket):
  • _max - number of buyers at the time of the end of the sale;
  • keccak256 - the function for calculation of Ethereum-SHA-3 (Keccak-256) hash value of variables;
  • block.difficulty - complexity parameter in the Ethereum network;
  • block.coinbase - address of the miner who processed the block;
  • block.blockhash - the function to determine the hash of the current block;
  • block.number - current block number;
  • now - timestamp for the current block.
The number of tickets is written in a separate smart contract code in Ethereum network and cannot be changed later.
The chance to win is easily calculated. Number of your tickets / total number of tickets for sale. For example, if there are 200 tickets for sale and you bought 2 tickets, then your chance is: 2 / 200 = 0.01 multiplied by 100 gives 1%. More tickets equals more chances to win!
If not all the tickets are sold within the sale timeframe, the smart contract code on Ethereum network will automatically return the amount for purchased tickets to buyers.
The winner of the sale should verify that the product matches the description. In case of a mismatch, the winner does not confirm receipt of the product, and the smart contract code will automatically return the amount for purchased tickets to buyers.
The funds from the sale are initially on the balance of the smart contract. After the successful sale, and after the winner takes the product and confirms the receipt by sending 0 ETH to the address of the smart contract, the smart contract automatically transfers funds to the seller's account.
The rate of ETH-USD exchange is taken from the site
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