How to create Ethereum (ETH) wallet?


The easiest way

Just use our special page for creating a new Ethereum wallet in less than a minute!

Other options

It is not that difficult right now to create a new Ethereum wallet. At the moment there are several options: 1) use web services, 2) install PC or mobile application, 3) install an extension (plugin) for the browser. Let's look at the differences.

Web services

The main advantage is an access to the wallet from any device with a browser. Most popular services are:

  • — this service does not store your wallet data, it simply provides tools for direct interaction with the Ethereum network. Open source code and a huge community make this service incredibly popular. The registration process on the site can change, so if you have problems with registration you can check tutorials on Google "how to create ethereum wallet on".


There are a lot of different Ethereum wallet apps, so we will mention only a few well-known:

  • Exodus (Windows, Mac, Linux) — a very convenient and beautiful application that is available since 2015 (the errors of the first versions have long been fixed).
  • Mist (Windows, Mac, Linux) — an official application from the developers of Ethereum. A very powerful app, but not always that simple. Recommended for those who knows what a Github is.
  • Jaxx (Android, iOS) — a popular app (that's why we include it in the list), but pay attention that the last reviews (at the time of writing) on GooglePlay are often negative.

Browser extensions

It is not necessary to install an application or use a third-party web service. Sometimes you can just use your browser, namely a plug-in for the browser. Fast, convenient and always at hand. Add it and then you can visit different websites and pay bills right in the window of your browser.

  • MetaMask — extension for the Chrome browser, appeared not so long ago, but extremely quickly gains popularity.
  • MyEtherWallet — browser extension from MyEtherWallet web service.

What to choose?

The answer is simple. If you just want to give it a try, then start with the web service like MyEtherWallet. If you are planning to often pay bills on websites, then pay attention to the browser plugins, like MetaMask.

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